Revised measures are in force from today across Scotland's courts, after the wearing of face coverings in door public spaces became a matter of public health guidance rather than a legal requirement from yesterday.

In line with that guidance, Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service said it would continue to encourage all court users to wear a face covering in all public areas of its buildings in the interests of their own safety and of others.

During court proceedings, all those present in the courtroom will be required to wear face coverings, subject to any exemptions, unless they are required to speak (for example as counsel or witness) or for identification purposes. Disposable masks will be provided if necessary.

Jurors observing proceedings from remote jury centres are not obliged to wear a face covering while seated, but may choose to do so if they wish, and will still be asked to wear a face covering when moving around the building.

Although formal physical distancing is removed, "sensible distancing measures" will be maintained in congested areas, with those in court buildings encouraged to take a commonsense approach to maintaining and respecting other people’s personal space. People will no longer be required to check in and out of court buildings using the Safe2Go contact system.

People should still not attend court buildings if they have COVID symptoms or are required to self-isolate. Hand hygiene and ventilation measures will continue, and staff will continue to be supported to work from home wherever possible.

From Monday 25 April, the public will once again be allowed access to the courts, and public counters will reopen. Also from that date, revised guidance on the conduct of business will take effect respectively for the Supreme Courts and the sheriff and justice of the peace courts, including as to which categories of hearings will be presumed to take place in person and which remotely.

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