Scottish buyers of Volkswagen cars have been given permission to bring a group action against the Volkswagen Group over the emissions scandal, the Herald has reported.

Lord Ericht in the Court of Session has granted permission for litigation involving about 5,000 VW owners to proceed in Scotland, under the new rules for group proceedings.

The claim concerns the alleged use of a defeat device to cheat on emissions tests and falsely enhance the cars' fuel efficiency and emissions ratings. Volkswagen denies liability and has been given until 17 June to lodge defences.

The company has been involved in a series of litigations around the globe. In April 2020 Mr Justice Waksman in the High Court in London ruled that Volkswagen had installed software in cars that amounted to a defeat device under EU regulations. Volkswagen appealed unsuccessfully, but the case is continuing to trial on issues of fault and loss.

A spokesperson said the company maintained there was no legal basis for the Scottish claims and it would continue to "robustly defend" the action.