The appointments process for new Sheriffs and Summary Sheriffs is overseen by the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland (JABS).

We occasionally run information sessions with JABS to give members a greater insight into what the recruitment process is like.

Below are videos from a session run in 2020 with the, then Chair of JABS, Nicola Gordon, Sheriff Principal Marysia Lewis and Summary Sheriff Roddy Flinn.

Journey to the Judiciary session 2020 - (former) Chair of JABS, Nicola Gordon
Journey to the Judiciary session 2020 - Sheriff Principal Marysia Lewis

Competency based interview tips

Interviews by the Judicial Appoinments Board are undertaken as competency interviews. Thank you to Derek Cummings, Director of Business Services and Lorna Macaulay, Head of HR at Burness Paull for recording handy tips for competency interviews video.


Competency Based Interview Tips 2020