Your CV is often your first interaction with an employer. It can immediately dictate whether you make the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. Therefore, it is essential that you get it right. The CV should be a factsheet on your background, through which your personality shines.

Have a look at our sample CV for our recommendations and make sure you take our golden rules into account:

Three CV golden rules...

#1: Follow the formatting guidelines! The vast majority of companies request a maximum two page CV. Don't go over two pages, however tempting. If a company CEO manages to condense years of complicated experience into a two page CV, you can do it too. 

#2: Tailor it every time! It may seem unnecessarily time-consuming, but being immediately rejected because the employer couldn't instantly see what particular skills, attributes and experience they're looking for is FAR more time-consuming, because now you're back to square one. Read the job description and make sure you clearly demonstrate that you have the experience they want! Identify the company values and make sure you showcase these personality traits!

#3: Show us your personality This point is so important and people often forget it. Remember, in a competitive job market, you might look quite similar to someone else 'on paper' going on experience alone, especially if you keep it generic and vague. Show the employer why they should hire you over other the other applicants. Your character and extra experiences are what sets you apart. Employers want someone they can imagine working in their organisation, gelling with the team and is three-dimensional, bringing something extra to the role or organisation other than just legal knowledge (while this is obviously crucial).

Do you need additional guidance?

If you have looked through our guidance but still feel like you need some extra help, our careers team is also able to review your CV and offer tailored feedback. Please complete the form below and upload your CV. Your CV should always reflect the roles, firms and areas of law you're applying to as well as the stage of your career, so please provide some good quality information about what you need help with and what you're looking for.

We do get quite a high volume of enquiries and always aim to provide detailed feedback, so please do bear in mind we might take a couple of weeks to come back to you.


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