Please note, as of 1 November 2019 the Aptitude Test for EU Qualified Lawyers is no longer a route to requalification as a Scottish solicitor. If you are looking to requalify into Scots law, you must do so via the Qualified Lawyers Assessment.

The UK Government has prepared secondary legislation which will come into effect at the point of the UK’s departure from the EU.  This legislation creates a system that will protect recognition decisions already been made by professional bodies.  As it allows applications for recognition which have been made before exit to be concluded under the same rules as far as possible, it will apply to existing EU Aptitude Test candidates.  If you have any questions about this please contact Katie Wood or Martyn Robinson.

If you are a qualified solicitor in the EU you are eligible to apply for this route to requalify as a solicitor in Scotland. If you are qualified in England and Wales or Northern Ireland, you may qualify via the Intra-UK Transfer test.

Certificate of eligibility


Before applying to enrol for the Aptitude Test for EU Qualified Lawyers, you must first be granted a certificate of eligibility. Various supporting documentation and fees are required, details of which can all be found in the application form.

Aptitude test for EU qualified lawyers

Once this has been granted, you are then eligible to enrol for the aptitude test for EU qualified lawyers. This is an 'open book' test and candidates are permitted to take into the examination hall any books or materials, including a candidate's own notes.

There are four papers and these include:

  • Paper 1 - the law of property, trusts & succession, family law
  • Paper 2 - Scottish legal system, evidence and civil & criminal procedure
  • Paper 3 - European Union law and Institutions
  • Paper 4 - professional conduct, the accounts rules

Past exam question papers for the aptitude test for EU qualified lawyers can be downloaded below. The exam question papers are provided as an indication of the questions which may be asked and to assist the candidate when studying. Answers are not provided.

The  Aptitude Test for EU Qualified Lawyers is held in Edinburgh and there are two diets each year, May and November. Please note that applications must be received by 31 July for the November diet and 31 January for the May diet.

View the 2019 timetable  

View the 2020 timetable

Certificate of eligibility

£400 for the application (non refundable fee)
£25 for Disclosure Scotland Application


Examination fees

£80 per examination

Exemption application fees

£30 non-refundable fee

It would be open to you to apply for exemptions from any of these examinations on the basis of past study and qualifications. An exemption application costs £30, which is non-refundable even if the exemption is not granted.

Exemption guidelines

Application form for an exemption

All applications for a certificate of eligibility must be submitted to the Society along with all required documentation three months prior to an exam diet.

For candidates who have already been granted a certificate of eligibility and are looking to enrol in exams, must submit an enrolment form to the Society one month prior to an exam diet.

Prior to 2012, the EU law exam question paper was set in two parts with candidates being required to answer two questions from section A and two questions from section B.

A mock paper was set in two sections with candidates being required to answer a total of four questions (as before).

Since May 2012, one question from each section is compulsory and candidates are required to answer two further questions from anywhere in the paper.

Please insert your full name and address in the box provided and we will have one sent to you.

Applying for admission to the roll of Scottish solicitors

Once you have completed all the stages involved in the requalification process, you can then contact the Education, Training & Qualifications team to apply for Admission. Email to request the relevant paperwork.