Convener: Clair McLachlan

Secretary: Hannah Sayers ( )

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are:
  • instruct, receive and consider all reviews under the Quality Assurance Scheme
  • instruct formal notification of a practice unit's pass or fail under the scheme
  • foster/encourage good practice in the provision of quality assured services
  • ensure consistency in the peer review process
  • appointment, re-appointment, dismissal or termination of contract, training and monitoring of reviewers
  • ratify any recommendation made by reviewer(s)
  • receive and consider applications for compliance certificates
  • gather statistics and analyse trends from the quality assurance process
  • consider whether to make a recommendation to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Society
  • consider requests by practice units for routine reviews at their premises

Clair McLachlan (Convener)
Marie-Louise Fox
Norman Gourlay*
Ann Hill*
Graeme Hill*
Jennifer Laughland
Fiona Mundy
Chris Reddick*
Lesley Robb
Aaliya Seyal*
Hannah Sayers (Secretary)