Convener: Alan Paterson

Secretary: Michael Greenfield (

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are:
  • consider and promote initiatives to improve client care standards within the profession
  • give guidance and directions to relevant committees and thereafter review the handling of all aspects of complaints to ensure transparency, consistency and balance
  • give guidance and direction to the complaints handling staff in relation to policies and procedures for handling complaints
  • consider and deal with points of policy and principle arising from specific cases and to give guidance as appropriate
  • review on an ongoing basis, issues of resource and budget for the Regulation Liaison Team, Complaints Investigation Team and Regulation Support Team of the Regulation and Standards Department
  • consider on an ongoing basis relevant external relationships including, but not exclusively, matters relating to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, the Scottish Government and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
  • consider issues arising from client dissatisfaction with a view to educating the  profession as to:
    • dealing with dissatisfaction and complaints appropriately
    • trying to avoid client dissatisfaction and complaints
    • education on the policies and procedures of both the Society and the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

Professor Alan Paterson (Convener)
William Braes*
Ralph Coleman*
Sarah Duffy*
Selena Graham
Jean Grier*
Anne Hastie*
John McHugh
Serena Sutherland
Amy Walsh
Michael Greenfield (Secretary)