Convener: Christopher Fraser

Secretary: Samantha Hollywood (

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are to:
  • consider complex applications for practising certificates or entrance/removal from the roll which are not dealt with by the Admissions Committee or administratively by the Registrar's department
  • consider and develop proposals to amend certain regulatory requirements, in accordance with our obligations to promote the regulatory objectives and aim to adopt best regulatory practice;
  • approve the issue and amendment of Guidance in relation to certain practice rules;
  • consider and determine applications for waiver of certain practice rule requirements in relation to the management and operation of legal practices.


Christopher Fraser* (Convener)
Derek Allan
Cameron Broadfoot*
David Campbell*
Lorraine Currie
David Crossan*
Elizabeth Comerford
Keith Hamilton
Amy Walsh
Christine Walsh* 
Samantha Hollywood (Secretary)