Convener: Stuart Munro

Secretary: Ann Marie Partridge (

Aims & functions of the committee

  • to advise the Council and the profession on criminal law matters; to promote its reform; to respond to proposals for reform from bodies including the government and to enhance the profile of criminal law, encouraging best practice and professional ethics
  • to improve the criminal law, both practice and procedure, in the Scottish legal system for the benefit of the public and the profession through lobbying for change and through responding effectively to criminal law reform proposals from Westminster, Holyrood, Brussels and beyond
  • to advance the Law Society of Scotland as key in improving, commenting and analysing proposals for criminal law which emanate from the UK Parliament and UK ministries, the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government, the EU Commission and EU Parliament

Stuart Munro (Convener)
Vikki Bell
Dr Isla Callander
Professor James Chalmers
Gerard Considine
Elizabeth Dougan
Eamon Keane
Stephanie Hednry
Peter Lockhart
Murray Macara 
Stephen McGowan
Mhairi McMillan
Rosalyn McTaggart
Grazia Robertson
Laura Sharp (non-solicitor)
Gordon Williams

Ann Marie Partridge (Secretary)