Convener: David Gordon


Aims & functions of the committee

Who are we and what do we do?

The Regulatory Committee was created by the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010. It is a committee of the Council of the Law Society but acts independently. The committee is responsible for the oversight of all of the Society’s regulatory functions. It is 50/50 non-solicitor/solicitor and must be chaired by a non-solicitor member, with the committee responsible for choosing its chairperson.

The Regulatory Committee's remit is to set, maintain and enforce standards in the interests of the public and the profession. You can read more about the remit of the committee, which highlights the extent and depth of its work, and its commitment to a well-ordered legal profession, which retains the trust of the public.

Members of the Regulatory Committee are:

Mohsen Din
Esther Duncan
David Mair
Christopher Morgan
Prof. Alan Paterson


David Gordon (Convener)
William Braes
Adele Keddie
Linsay Leslie 
Jacqui Low

Regulatory sub-committees

The Regulatory Committee has a number of regulatory sub-committees. These operate under a schedule of delegated powers from the Regulatory Committee. Some of those delegated powers are further delegated from the sub-committees to members of the Society's executive team. 

Each sub-committee is responsible for the regulation of different aspects of the regulatory framework. 

As with the Society’s Regulatory Committee, all regulatory sub-committees are 50/50 non-solicitor/solicitor. 

The regulatory sub-committees are:


Complaints and Oversight 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Education and Training (Standard Setting)

Appeals and Reviews

Practising Certificate

Civil Legal Aid Quality Assurance

Professional Conduct (1), Professional Conduct (2)

Client Protection (formerly Guarantee Fund)

Right of Audience

Client Relations

Rules, Waivers and Guidance 

Read more about our regulatory work