Convener: Fiona Dromgoole

Secretary: David Meighan (

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are:
  • to carry out the functions of the Council relating to the training and admission of solicitors in terms of the appropriate regulations
  • for that purpose, to perform such specific functions of the Council as are assigned to it in terms of arrangements made by the Council under s3A of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980
  • to advise the Regulatory Committee (on being requested to do so, or of it's own motion) in connection with issues of policy or principle relating to the foregoing matters
  • from time to time to establish such sub-committees as are necessary or desirable for the effective discharge of the above functions
  • to refer to the Regulatory Committee (with a recommendation as to the action to be taken) any matter within its remit which it considers is more appropriate to be dealt with by that committee

Fiona Dromgoole (Convener)
Colin Anderson
Patricia Thom
Leanne Hammell
David di Paola


Suzanne Dawson
Thorsten Lauterbach
Sheila Inglis
Abigail Clark


Secretary: David Meighan