Convener: Fiona Mundy

Secretary: Erini Seindanis (

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are:
  1.  The instruction, receipt and consideration of all peer reviews carried out in terms of the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Civil Legal Assistance between the Society and the Scottish Legal Aid Board.
  2.  The making of decisions as to whether a practice unit should hold or continue to hold a compliance certificate and to issue compliance certificates.
  3.  The determination of the file sampling methodology for Civil Legal Assistance peer reviews.
  4.  The promotion of good practice in the provision of quality assured Civil Legal Assistance.
  5.  The promotion of consistency in the quality assurance process.
  6.  The appointment, re-appointment, dismissal or termination of contract, training and monitoring of Peer Reviewers.
  7.  The receipt and consideration of applications for compliance certificates.
  8.  The collection of statistics and analysis of trends in the quality assurance process, and making recommendations to the Society, the Board and the Scottish Government where the committee considers change necessary. The implementation of such changes requires agreement between the Society, the Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Scottish Government.
  9.  Considering in appropriate circumstances whether to refer a practice unit or practitioner to the Complaints Sub-Committee of the Society or the SLCC

Further information on the Civil Legal Assistance Quality Assurance Scheme can be found under Rule C3


Fiona Mundy (Convener)
Marie-Louise Fox
Ian Woodward-Nutt
Claire Kettlewell


Stuart Duffin
Aaliya Seyal
Hazel Thoms
David Crossan

Erini Seindanis (Secretary)