"This was, bar none, the single most useful CPD event I've been to in 9 years of legal practice in Scotland, England and Canada. I have been in an increasingly frustrating rut as I have tried, without luck, to find practical ways to do BD. I can't tell you how many "how to network" seminars, articles and books I've consumed over the years. I know you have to network. I know you have to follow up and develop relationships. But HOW? What do I physically DO? When do I do it? How do I string it all together into a coherent and progressive programme rather than just going through the motions, taking a series of disconnected networking and relationship-building actions that do not usefully build one on the other? This event answered those questions in the most practical, accessible and useful way I've yet seen. For the first time ever, I know what I'm going to do and I feel GOOD about it, because I can now see how it's going to work and I'm prepared for the bumps along the way. Instead of dreading BD activity as a necessary evil without any clearly visible progress, I'm actually looking forward to it. An enormous weight has been lifted, and I am sure this will be a significant unblocker for my career and business."
Trevor Fenton, Essential Business Development Skills


"This course is excellent, essential info that would be useful to all. The trainer is also excellent."
Nicola Williams, Chiene & Tait, Essential Finance Skills for Legal Professionals

"Good course, well delivered and memorable. Highly recommended"
Essential Finance Skills for Legal Professionals

"Excellent. I am sure lawyers would all benefit from this training"
Essential Finance Skills for Legal Professionals

"A very informative and helpful overview of Business Finance Processes"
Essential Finance Skills for Legal Professionals