The role of a manager in supporting employee wellbeing: Recorded webinar (free)

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In a panel event to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we explore the role organisations should take when it comes to supporting staff wellbeing. Specifically, what is the role of a manager when it comes to supporting people?

The results we released in 2020 from our research into mental health stigma and discrimination in the legal profession showed that only 24% of respondents felt their supervisors/line managers knew how to support staff in relation to their mental health and wellbeing and confidently signpost to further support. 62% also cited that targeted mental health training for managers would improve workplace culture.

In this session we will bring together a panel of speakers to share their insights and experience in relation to this topic. We will look at key themes that include:

  • How can managers proactively support colleagues?
  • What works in terms of upskilling yourself as a manager, for example training?
  • What approaches to supporting staff with wellbeing work/don’t work in an organisation? 
  • How have organisations been able to notice or measure the impact of wellbeing initiatives?
  • How do you encourage consistent buy-in from managers to engage with wellbeing?
  • What’s the business or moral case for managers to engage with wellbeing and proactively support colleagues?

Our panellists are:

Kenny Robertson, Head of Outsourcing, Technology & IP, NatWest Group and Chair of the Lawscot Wellbeing Steering Group
Judith Morrison, Solicitor to the Scottish Parliament and Senior Sponsor for the Mental Health Network within the Parliament
Susan Falconer, See Me Volunteer

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