Free risk management CPD

Solicitors are now required to undertake mandatory CPD on risk management. The  nature, extent and timing of this CPD will be contained in an annual subsidiary guidance note published at the start of each practice year. You can choose your free risk management from below. We have a number of modules available for both private practice and in-house solicitors.

For private practice solicitors

The number of verifiable CPD hours varies depending on which items you choose to book.

Available modules include:

  • Introduction to Risk Management in legal sector, Alastair Frood
  • Money laundering regulations, Graham MacKenzie
  • Risk of AI, AI for Risk, Burkhard Schafer
  • The Importance of Risk management, Gail Cook, Locktons
  • The Master Policy and Risk management, Gail Cook, Locktons
  • What could possibly go wrong, Linda Moir

Select the option for all modules to gain 3 hours verifiable CPD

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For in-house solicitors

You can select your free in-house risk management CPD by booking onto this event through the link below.

You can choose just the free risk module, Living with Risk - Legal Management (1.75 hours verifiable CPD), or add some of our other in-house tailored modules that are of interest to you.

Available modules include:

  • Competition law for in-house lawyersStewart Hardie and Aiste Slezeviciute
  • Dealing with internal clients, Fraser Bell
  • Duties of a company secretary and Companies House matters, Gary Gray
  • Effective Research Skills for In-house Lawyers, Lorna Robertson and Kayleigh McGarry
  • Navigating a new in-house role - panel insight from leading in-house lawyers, Fraser Bell, Aisling McMullan and Maree Allison
  • Paying the right price for external legal services, Richard G Stock
  • Performance indicators for the legal department, Richard G Stock
  • Recent cases in the Supreme Court and Inner House, Tony Jones QC
  • The key charcteristics of an in-house lawyer, Aisling McMullan and Maree Allison

Select the option for all modules to gain 9.5 hours verifiable CPD. The cost of each of the above modules is displayed on the booking page.

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