Report relating to Julian Struthers Danskin
Two Complaints were made by the Council of the Law Society of Scotland against Julian Struthers Danskin, Solicitor, Braemar, Leven, Fife (“the Respondent”). The Tribunal found the Respondent guilty of professional misconduct in respect of his committing acts of shameless indecency and using lewd, libidinous and indecent practices against males in circumstances where he was in a position of trust and in respect that he acted for both parties in a conveyancing transaction where the interests of the parties conflicted and where he had a personal interest in the outcome of that transaction and failed to send the necessary written advice to both parties.  The Tribunal ordered that the name of the Respondent be struck off the Roll of Solicitors in Scotland.  

The Tribunal considered the Respondent’s conduct disgraceful, dishonourable and wholly unbecoming a solicitor and considered that the Respondent was no longer a suitable person to remain a solicitor.

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