The Society has agreed a revised timetable which will see a proposed new constitution brought before the AGM next May

The Council of the Society has agreed a revised timetable which will see a proposed new constitution brought to the Society’s next AGM in May.

As part of the plans, a new working party has been established under the convenorship of Edinburgh Council member Bruce Beveridge (pictured).

This group will be considering any suggested amendments to the draft that was circulated to members over the summer, before bringing a revised draft back to Council in January. A further round of consultation is then planned between 6 February and 6 March, which will give members a further chance to feed in their views. It is then envisaged that a “final” new constitution will be approved by Council at its March meeting, before being provided to members in good time ahead of the formal vote at the Society’s AGM in May.

Speaking to the Journal, Bruce Beveridge said: “A considerable amount of work has been undertaken over the last three years to try to ensure we have a constitution that is fit for purpose and which allows the Society to be more effective in serving its members. From the consultations carried out within the profession, we know there is an appetite for reform, including strong opinions in favour of a smaller governing Council and changes to the way we run our general meetings.

“We have seen real progress since the constitution was debated at our AGM last March. However, we recognise there is still some work to do and the new working party will be considering the outstanding issues over the rest of this year. I am acutely aware of the importance of maintaining a constitution that protects the rights of our members, and there will be further opportunities to feed in members’ views in the New Year. Any new constitution will have to have the support of two thirds of voting members at the annual general meeting.”

The Society’s standing orders, to which changes have been made, are also to be reviewed further by the working party.

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