This month's Law Society of Scotland Council member profile: Oliver Adair (Hamilton & Lanark)

What is your own practice area?

Criminal legal assistance.

What motivates you to get up on a dreary Monday morning?

Since suffering from throat cancer this past year, simply being alive. In terms of Society work, a desire to contribute.

How long have you been a member of Council?

I joined the Council in 1996.

In what specific capacities have you served (office bearer, committee or other)?

Member of the Client Complaints Committee, Criminal Law Committee and Legal Aid Committee. Convener of the Legal Aid Committee, Criminal Law Committee and now Legal Aid Convener.

What have been the highlights for you personally?

During my period as Legal Aid Convener, the Society worked very hard to improve its communication and consultation with the profession. We were able to get the profession involved in the discussion, which enabled us to put forward proposals that had their full backing. I am also very proud of how the remaining members of my team dealt with the issue of the interim police station duty scheme during my recent absence.

What do you see as the other main issues that Council has to address at present?

There are a variety of issues to address. In terms of areas that I have expertise, I would say giving as much support as possible to the profession in relation to the proposed spending cuts.

If you could change only one thing for your members, what would it be?

Give them the respect they deserve for the services they provide.

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