Bullet-point tips on the tough questions that need to be asked. This month: the firm's profile

Should we be proud of the firm’s current profile?

Be honest about whether others are seeing the business in the good light that you expect. Egos, pride and passions all need to be parked at the door when you consider whether your image is really good enough.

Are we up to date enough in the way we present the business?

Websites, social media and e-zines are all useful media to get the firm’s image delivered, but make sure that all releases emphasise your positive aspects and successes – there’s nothing to be gained from modesty in the e-world. Your uniqueness should also be fully broadcast.

Are all, or some of, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter best to get our image across?

Clearly defining your objectives from using social media will probably answer that question. Regular tweets might be used simply to confirm your ongoing existence and activity to readers who might otherwise overlook you for work.

What about the threat from bloggers with negative comments?

Look out for these! Identifying any adverse comments and responding positively can turn a threat into an opportunity. Blogged criticism can be a result of ignorance or misunderstanding, and explaining any confusion well, to a complainer, can convert them, or their readers, to your side.

Do our human assets present the firm in good light?

Networking events, client meetings, media liaison and firm presentations are all occasions where a firm’s people can enhance its profile. Ensure the right people are always presented in the right way at these. Professional emailing is also important – although it’s an informal medium, a sloppy message can give a poor image.

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