A reminder of what RoS's Pre-Registration Enquiry service can do for solicitors, and how it complements other services

The Registers of Scotland Pre-Registration Enquiry service aims to help our customers save money by providing registration advice on specific matters of concern relating to a property title which is the subject of a proposed or actual conveyancing transaction that will result in an application for registration in the Land Register.

Pre-Registration Enquiries at RoS operate in complement to our other customer-focused activity, including the Title Investigation Service (detailed at Journal, February 2013, 11) and enquiries handled by our customer service centres. The complexity of the enquiry dictates which department carries out the work and subsequently the fee applicable.

Who does what

As a rule of thumb:

  • General enquiries, e.g. those regarding fees and forms, should be directed to customer services.
  • Enquiries relating to current transactions which will shortly be forwarded to the Keeper for registration should be directed to Pre-Registration Enquiries.
  • More complex enquiries requiring comprehensive examination and identification of title should be directed to the Title Investigation Service.

Please note there is a degree of overlap between these services and enquiries may be referred between RoS staff as appropriate, subject to agreeing any fee implications with the solicitor. The fee for a pre-registration enquiry is £50 plus VAT.

Tracy McIntyre from McVey & Murricane, solicitors in Glasgow, has recently benefited from using the Pre-Registration Enquiries service.

She said: “I have always found the Pre-Registration Enquiries section of Registers of Scotland most helpful when dealing with them and you are able to make contact with a specific individual by email and telephone. In a situation where a case was urgent, Pre-Reg Enquiries provided a speedy response in order that the case could proceed to settle.”

Service standards

We are conscious of the need to respond promptly to enquiries and, as such, we aim to process each enquiry within a backstop of five working days. Where a response is needed urgently, we will seek to work flexibly with the solicitor to meet their timeframe.

RoS is always keen to hear more about our customers’ experience with regard to the Pre-Registration Enquiry service.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the service, we are planning to undertake a series of engagement activities with stakeholders. This activity aims to enhance the information available online, further reducing the need to make official pre-registration enquiries in the first instance. If you have a suggestion as to how we might develop this service or wish to discuss a related matter further, please do not hesitate to contact Harry Murray (harry.murray@ros.gov.uk ) on 0131 528 3779.


ARTL update

As at 1 April 2013

  • 69,447 applications have been made
  • 696 solicitors’ firms are currently on the ARTL system
  • 29 lenders are currently on the ARTL system
  • 13 local authorities are using the system

ARTL can now process applications containing a transfer with a value of more than £1 million.


For up-to-date information and a full list of participating practices and companies, go to www.ros.gov.uk/artl

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For further information on Pre-Registration Enquiries, please visit our website via the following link: www.ros.gov.uk/gettingitright Registers of Scotland is encouraging voluntary applications for registration of titles in the Land Register
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