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The Keeper offers a free upfront check for applications which affect more than 10 properties. Recently the Keeper has received a number of applications affecting multiple properties where the solicitor has not taken advantage of this service, and some of these applications have subsequently been rejected or cancelled due to insufficient or incorrect information contained within the submission.

The applications have then been charged the appropriate cancellation or rejection fee. Using the upfront check will minimise the likelihood of an application being rejected or cancelled and, more importantly, the service provides the submitting solicitor and their client with increased confidence of their registration date.

The service consists of:

  • checking the correct forms are submitted and completed;
  • checking the fees are correct;
  • a basic check of the deed(s) and schedules;
  • checking that the title numbers narrated relate to the correct properties.

This service is of particular benefit to solicitors submitting assignations of standard securities over multiple properties, and was recently used to ensure the smooth registration of an assignation affecting over 15,000 properties in both the Land and Sasine Registers. This specific example also allowed the Keeper to organise appropriately, so there was no impact on other applications submitted on the same day.

The Keeper encourages solicitors to use this free service, either by using the contact details on the RoS website, or through their RoS account manager. 


Branding the 2012 Act

Registers of Scotland is delighted to unveil our new Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012 logo.

The new sub-brand will help customers identify information concerning the 2012 Act and will be used on all publications relating to the promotional and instructional material supporting the introduction of the Act.


Your digital input, please!

Consultation for the Electronic Documents (Scotland) Regulations 2013 is now live.

The Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012 includes provisions that amend the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 to allow for legally valid electronic documents. These provisions include a regulation-making power for the Scottish ministers to prescribe the requirements
for electronic documents and electronic signatures.

Since the passing of the 2012 Act last year, RoS along with key stakeholders in the electronic signature working group, chaired by the Deputy Keeper, Catriona Hardman, have been developing policy that will allow the Scottish ministers to make these regulations.

Before the regulations are made, it is important that we obtain the views of stakeholders on the proposed regulations. RoS would therefore like to draw your attention to the Electronic Documents (Scotland) Regulations 2013 consultation that was published on the RoS and Scottish Government’s websites on 1 July 2013.

The consultation seeks the views of stakeholders on the proposed regulations to prescribe the requirements for electronic documents under s 9B(1)(b), and electronic signatures under ss 9B(2)(c) and 9C(2), of the 1995 Act. These regulations will prescribe the requirements for legally valid and self proving electronic documents.

We are inviting written responses to this consultation paper by 29 September 2013. The paper is available at

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