The search tool for solicitors and legal firms on the Society's website is being improved

The “Find a Solicitor” tool on the Society’s website, which carries information on every practising Scottish solicitor and their firm, is being given an upgrade.

Find a Solicitor will look the same and will be just as easy to use. An improved search system will use information from individual members, cross-referenced to ensure that information about both the solicitor and their firm is more accurate and up to date. Currently information is provided both by solicitors and by firms, which can create anomalies in the search.

There are about 457,000 unique visitor searches on Find a Solicitor each year, and the Society receives more than 500 calls every month from members of the public looking for a Scottish solicitor. The more accurate the information you provide, the better the search facility will be for people looking for a solicitor to help them.

To help potential clients find your firm, update your details by logging in to the member area of the website  

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