A new consumer-focused advertising campaign promotes the work of Scottish solicitors as trusted, regulated legal professionals

Thousands of people, just like Daisy (pictured) contact the Law Society of Scotland every month online and by phone, looking for the right solicitor for them.

That is why the Society has launched a new consumer-focused advertising campaign to promote the work of Scottish solicitors as trusted, regulated legal professionals. The new campaign will also raise the profile of the Society’s web-based Find a Solicitor search tool – used by almost half a million unique visitors every month. The Society also answers 500 calls each month from members of the public who are looking for help from a Scottish solicitor.

The Society has recently improved the online search function to ensure that people who need legal advice can find a solicitor to help in their particular circumstances, whether they are searching by area of law or by location. Results are listed randomly in each search carried out, giving all firms an equal chance of being listed. It also helps with cybersecurity by allowing would-be clients to check their solicitor is a registered, regulated professional.

To ensure the Find a Solicitor search tool works as well as possible, make sure your details are up to date by logging on to the Society’s website.

Watch out for the new adverts – online and when on your travels. The adverts, which depict just some of the services solicitors can offer, will feature on trains across the country and in stations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen throughout October and November. Look out for them on Facebook and Twitter and share with friends and contacts on your social networks. And if you think you know what Daisy has done – tell the Society via its LinkedIn discussion pages.

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