In association with Insight Legal: how to beat the weather, or otherwise stay connected with your work

The recent extreme weather, according to a leading economist*, has cost the Scottish economy between £200 and £300 million over the three to four day period of severe weather disruptions. How do you make sure you are not among those who had no way of doing a day’s work?

Legal software has evolved dramatically over the last few years, and a secure cloud-based solution that is fully Law Society of Scotland compliant from a reputable supplier would have gone a long way to allowing you to get your day’s work done from somewhere other than the office. This type of flexibility need not just be reserved for the extreme weather situations we have seen this winter; it can be used while waiting in court, on a train and in fact anywhere where the comfort of your office is not available. 

Sometimes it is not possible to have your laptop/home PC available, and that is why you and your business could benefit from using a reputable forward-thinking supplier to the legal profession, who offers mobile apps to enhance their compliant software. A mobile app should allow you to review and work on your cases while on the move. It should be easy to use, and provide the essential functions to keep on top of your workload and update your main system to make sure nothing is missed. It should run on IOS and Android, and be functional on both tablets and phones.

A system that does everything you need when out visiting a client or out of the office, that can respond to customer issues and queries in a timely manner, will provide a better service and enhanced experience for the benefit of your clients. It also serves as a valuable tool for today’s competitive business world and gives your firm a competitive edge while enhancing the level of professionalism to your clients and your firm’s image. 

In today’s world you need a fully connected package, encompassing a solid and robust accounts and practice management package, with cloud solutions and mobile apps as standard, from a supplier where help and advice is only a phone call away.

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*The Scotsman, Saturday 3 March 2018 

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