One of the newest committee members, Sharon Connolly, is employed at Macnabs Solicitors, working in several disciplines

How many years have you been a paralegal?

I have been a paralegal since 1992.

What made you pursue a career as a paralegal?

I wanted to play a more involved role and help support colleagues. This was before paralegals were commonplace and I was lucky to be in a supportive firm who valued the role. I have always been keen to learn and I hold five paralegal qualifications.

Why did you decide to join the committee?

I believe in the paralegal role and accreditation; I wanted to give back and be part of the ongoing development, support and public awareness of the position.

Have your perceptions of the Society changed since?

I am quite new to the committee so have not had much involvement as yet. It is interesting to see how Society committees work and their support of paralegals. 

What main issues do you think face the committee at present?

Looking into other practice areas for accreditation, and encouraging public and professional awareness of the role and abilities of paralegals.

What’s your top tip for accredited paralegals?

Keep your skills up to date and continue to learn as an ongoing process.

If you could change only one thing for accredited paralegals, what would it be?

I would be interested in the use of ID cards and digital signatures for certain documents and forms.

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