Laura Mack, a new committee member, qualified as a family law paralegal in 2014, receiving accredited paralegal status in 2015 which she retained until moving to an in-house paralegal role

What made you pursue a career as a paralegal?

I strive to succeed and be the best version of myself – both personally and professionally. Attaining my paralegal qualification allowed me to take on more responsibility, more opportunity to have direct contact with clients, and increase my support to clients and colleagues.

Why did you decide to join the committee?

I have an active interest in the paralegal/accredited paralegal role. I wanted the opportunity to represent in-house paralegals and make a difference.

What are the main issues that you think the committee has to address at the moment?

There is a lack of cross-qualification opportunities and the ability to transfer technical and practical skills to and from other areas.

What’s your top tip for accredited paralegals?

Always keep your finger on the pulse, not only in your practice area, but the legal sector in general. Believe in yourself and your value!

If you could change only one thing for accredited paralegals, what would it be?

I would like there to be more visibility of the role of paralegals/accredited paralegals and the value they can add to businesses. 

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