This page provides links to the key legislation and guidance documents for AML in the legal sector, as well as our templates for risk assessments at the practice unit, matter and client level.

How might you or your colleagues spot fake ID documents at client take-on stage?

One way would be to compare and contrast documentation presented against those you know are definitely genuine. This may be using your own photo-card licence or passport to compare against, or helpfully - the passport office, the DVLA and utility bill providers all provide information on security features, formats and layouts of their bills or issued documents on their websites.

You can find examples and useful links below:

Main energy providers (for utility bill examples - other utility providers may have similar)

Government agencies

The Home Office also gives Guidance on Examining Identity Documents.

AML subscription email service

HM treasury's financial crime team provides a money laundering subscription email service that may be of interest to practice units. The purpose of the service is to allow the treasury to communicate directly with subscribers when there are important anti-money laundering developments.

Regulators such as us have been asked to highlight this service to our member practice units.