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A breath of fresh air from Parliament

Cheers for the report on prisoners' voting rights

Helpful exchange?

Lenders Exchange costs discriminate against sole practitioners

Political rights

Is it wise to propose to include socio-economic rights in the constitution of an independent Scotland?

Does the Society expect me to work for free?

What the guidance on collecting legal aid contributions actually means

The last hope for corroboration?

It should be in the interests of all parties lobbying on the corroboration issue to take up the Law Society of Scotland's invitation to talks

Letter: ex-protocol expenses

Reply to news item about Lawson v Sabre Insurance

All our own fault?

The profession, and the Society, has a remarkable ability to shoot itself in the foot


In the first of a regular blog about his conversations on Twitter, Neil Stevenson talks about his latest Twitter gaffe, and possible green shoots

Legal aid and the Society: the personal touch

The Society's lead player for criminal legal aid practitioners has been touring the country to hear solicitors' views at first hand

Male type profile?

What should lawyers' employers do to combat the continuing inequalities revealed by the Profile of the Profession survey?

Corroboration: room for modification?

The corroboration rule is needed as a safeguard, but there could be scope to review its application difficult cases

Letter: RoS wants to engage

This is your chance to help shape the 2012 Act in practice