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Nuremburg Trials Remembered

In a year which has seen many anniversaries, Friday, 20 November 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Nuremburg War Trials that commenced in 1945. Our Policy Executive Gillian Mawdsley writes about the trial which has been arguably described as the greatest trial of the 20th century.

International Men's Day 2020: Parental leave for dads should be part of our new normal

Tim Mouncer, Public Affairs Manager at the Law Society of Scotland, tells us about his experience of taking shared parental leave and his hopes that it becomes an expected norm for fathers.

International Men's Day 2020: A letter to my son

Tim Taylor, an Associate Solicitor at Hastings Legal and member of our Property and Land Law Reform Law Sub-Committee, writes a letter to his 16-month-old son Ben reflecting on men's wellbeing and what it means to be a "good man".

International Men's Day 2020: Je ne regrette rien…

Gregory Stachura, a Knowledge & Development lawyer in Banking Practice at Burness Paull, discusses how the experience of his father's efforts to be a fully involved dad has impacted his own approach to fatherhood, even when flexible and part-time working for dads was less-than fashionable.

Journal editorial November 2020

As legal aid lawyers hang on for a Government decision on funding, New Generation Lawyers deserves support in campaigning for their future