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Scotland's history is Black history

Tatora Mukushi, a Dual-Qualified Human Rights Solicitor currently leading Shelter Scotland’s Migrant Destitution Project, discusses the tightly interwoven history of Scotland and Black people, arguing that education on the topic is crucial to creating meaningful change and that lawyers have a vital role to play.

The legal tech internship: a priceless experience

Legal technology is increasingly important to the future of law, making a legal tech internship an invaluable experience for any law student, explains Sam Moore, Innovation Manager at Burness Paull and an Accredited Legal Technologist.

Challenge, passion and development - being a lay member of the Society's Council

Liam McCabe, Executive Director of Finance at Stirling University, was a lay member of our governing Council from January 2013 until November 2019. Liam also served as the convener to our Audit Committee during that time.

Bisexual: The B in LGBTQ+ needs celebrated too

For Bi Visibility Day, Deborah Allan, solicitor at Shepherd & Wedderburn, discusses the challenges still facing bi people today and the progress being made towards ensuring the "B" in LGBTQ+ is respected and celebrated.

LawCare: Do you know how we can help?

LawCare is the charity dedicated to supporting people working in the law. Most of us might have all heard of LawCare, but do we really know how they might be able to help us, why people call and who would be at the other end of the phone?

Our flexible working future

Flexible working has gone from a trendy buzzword to the new normal during lockdown. As we publish our flexible working guidance, Elaine MacGlone, Equality & Diversity Manager at the Law Society of Scotland, reflects on her personal experience of flexible working, how things have changed and what the future might hold.

The Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah offers all a time for reflection

As we approach the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, Philip Rodney, columnist, consultant, non-exec and Fellow of the Law Society of Scotland, discusses what it means to be Jewish and how the legal profession can learn from this time of reflection.

No summer placement? Don’t stress!

Hannah Leslie, Group Lawyer at Springfield Properties Plc, talks about why students who don't have legal summer placements don't need to panic about how this might impact their job prospects.

Journal editorial September 2020

The legal profession has increasingly to defend itself, and its neediest clients, from authorities who have little appreciation of its role

Staying in touch with the peloton

Harriet Derrick, our CPD & Training Research Manager, and Confscribe co-founder Ed Murray, round up the key insights from the business readiness panel at the first virtual Sole Practitioner and High Street Firm conference.

World Suicide Prevention Day – how can you and your workplace get involved?

Olivia Moore who leads our Lawscot Wellbeing work discusses how employers and individuals can get involved in raising awareness to mark World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 on Thursday, 10 September.

Who is your in-house rising star of 2020

The In-house Rising Star award is a fantastic opportunity to recognise outstanding in-house trainees and NQs. Beth Anderson, Head of Engagement for In-house Lawyers at the Society, talks about why, this year more than ever, she would encourage the celebration of emerging in-house talent.