Points to remember when submitting an application for stamping to the Inland Revenue

The stamp duty system will change with modernisation on 1 December but the following checklist will remain useful as an information point.  

In all cases

Have you enclosed:

  • the document
  • payment of the duty, if appropriate (see also general comments below)
  • form LVA, if appropriate
  • necessary supporting evidence
Leases and Commercial documents


  • if this is a lease does the document contain a Section 240 certificate
  • is VAT payable on the transaction
  • if so have you included the VAT in your calculation of the stamp duty, as VAT can take documents over the duty thresholds
  • remember the Stamp Office will charge duty as if the VAT element were payable unless there is any clear evidence to the contrary

Disadvantaged Areas

Have you:

  • enclosed a copy of the document
  • enclosed payment of the duty in respect of any rent element in lease cases (see also general comments below)
  • highlighted the postcode
  • enclosed copies of the contract/missives
  • inserted a £150,000 certificate of value in the document, if the property is residential
  • inserted a Section 92 certificate in the document or covering letter (a style is contained in our website)
  • remember formal adjudication is required before registration


Have you:

  • enclosed the original and a copy of the document
  • enclosed the appropriate letter of declaration when claiming exemption (the style of letter is on our website)


Remember Stamp Duties are now rounded up to the nearest £5

Cheques should be made payable to “Inland Revenue Stamp Duties only”

Have you highlighted how you wish your document returned:

  • DX
  • LP
  • Royal Mail
  • Stamped addressed envelope (with postage paid if necessary)

Have you requested that your document be forwarded direct to Registers Of Scotland. If so have you enclosed:

  • The relevant ROS forms
  • A suitable, addressed, envelope for onward transmission to ROS. To ease the handling of the paperwork you may wish to enclose ROS matters in the addressed envelope

Where to find more information about Stamp Duty and other Topics on this Checklist

IR telephone helpline – 0845 6030135

A range of leaflets and newsletters covering a variety of topics is available

Stamp Office, nationwide


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