What the Society's representation and support arm can offer local faculties of solicitors

While the regulatory arm of the Society may justifiably recommend in strong terms that faculties should take advantage of visits from Society staff to update members about developments such as the SLCC, the representation and support arm also offers a range of topics. These are advertised on the Faculties page of the Society’s website and Deans, secretaries and CPD secretaries are warmly invited to contact the Society to request a visit.

So far this year, in addition to the six ABS roadshows, visits have taken place to Perth, Galashiels, London, Greenock, Forfar, Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Caithness, Kilmarnock and Inverness. Topics discussed have included ABS, legal aid, Registers of Scotland, financial survival strategies, and the SLCC.


Deans of Faculty receive regular invitations to contribute any thoughts and concerns which they would wish to see raised by the Society at the quarterly meetings held with the Justice Minister. In advance of the formal minute prepared by the Minister’s office, the Society has, since March 2010, circulated an informal report in broad terms of the matters covered to update Deans of Faculty. The next quarterly meeting will be towards the end of September.

Annual lunch and discussion

In August 2009 the inaugural annual lunch was held at which Deans (or their deputies) were invited to meet the President, Vice President, Chief Executive and other staff of the Society to chat informally over lunch and to bring to the Society’s attention any matters of concern or interest. Due to the “hot topics” of the SGMs and referenda, an additional meeting was held on 19 April. The next annual lunch meeting will be held on Monday 30 August, to which invitations should now have been received.

Cadder v HMA

Deans representing members working in the criminal courts have been kept closely consulted regarding the new guidelines on police station interviews and issues arising, such as appropriate payment for solicitors, the Code of Conduct and so on. Two meetings of Deans have been held specifically to discuss the profession’s response. The Society’s Chief Executive is meeting with the ABA and Society of Advocates in Aberdeen on 30 July to discuss these issues further.


Two meetings for newly qualified solicitors are being held in Glasgow and Dundee on 18 and 19 August respectively, to provide an opportunity for faculty members looking to attract and retain younger qualified staff to explain the advantages of living and working away from the bigger towns and cities, in a relaxed and informal environment to a group who may be looking more carefully at all the geographical options, given the challenging economic climate.

Web pages

All practitioners are reminded that pages devoted specifically to matters of interest to faculties are on the Society’s website at http://www.lawscot.org.uk/Members_Information/rep_and_support/professional_support/faculties_news.aspx

Please keep checking the pages for items of interest and if you wish to raise any point of concern or information, please contact Laura Malcolm by emailing LauraMalcolm@ lawscot.org.uk .

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