Another practice enabling solicitors to work via cloud computing with administrative support is just launching

Following the article “Join the cloud” (Journal, July, 34), another virtual legal practice is currently recruiting consultants who wish to work independently but with others providing the administrative backup.

Wilson & Fish ( is the baby of Mark Wilson, former managing partner of Turner MacFarlane Green, Glasgow, and the founder and managing director of TMG Search Ltd.

An early adopter of legal IT, Wilson claims 15 years’ experience of using the best management systems available, which he has used to achieve best-value deals with his current provider, Pilgrim Systems.

Currently recruiting consultants to join him at startup, Wilson offers full back office support, including data protection and money laundering checks, file management and fee collection, in return for a percentage of fees billed (no annual fee). Consultants will practise under the Wilson & Fish name and benefit from its PII cover.

Open to enquiries from solicitors in any practice area, Wilson believes his model can work for most types of practice apart from complicated inter-disciplinary transactions – including current sole practitioners whether with a broad-based or more niche practice. Consultants however would need to have a client following in order to establish themselves.

“It would suit a great variety of lawyers, and allow them to concentrate on their legal work without having to worry about the back office,” he says. Those who wish to set up on their own, those with young families, those feeling the effects of the downturn, niche experts who still need technical and administrative support, and indeed anyone looking for more control of their time and their potential earnings than traditional office employment allows, is welcome to get in touch.

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