Registers of Scotland's online services enable you to assess the true state of the property market, whether across Scotland or in your own area

As the main direct customer group of RoS, solicitors not only make regular use of our services but, for many of you, have almost daily contact through our website. That said, how often do you stop to look at our property statistics to find out what the property market is actually doing, and not what some would have you believe it is doing?

Unlike many of those who comment on the property market, RoS provides details of all sales in Scotland, including those transactions that do not involve a lender. Only RoS can provide you with the true picture of the property market in Scotland. But why wait for our official quarterly statistics?

RoS now provides an exciting new range of property statistics that we update on a weekly basis. These include the latest four-week period compared with the previous four weeks, by local authority area and by parliamentary constituency. We include both average prices and volumes of sales and show the percentage increase or decrease on the previous period. We also include the same set of data for the latest 52 weeks over the previous 52 weeks. This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive set of Scottish data available on a weekly basis, and it is free.

On top of this, we continue to provide our free price search facility, allowing you to get the most recent sales, and it’s searchable by postcode. The details are online within 24 hours of the papers being submitted to RoS. We hope to add to this impressive set of data in the weeks and months ahead, with special one-off data reports on subjects such as the 10 most expensive properties in Scotland and in each of the main cities.

If you want to know the current situation with the property market, it makes sense to log on to, where you will find all the latest house price information and statistics.

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