Registers page: a new publication provides best guidance on preparing deed plans; a team has been set up to prepare for the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012

RoS has published its Deed Plan Criteria: A guide for conveyancers and other legal professionals, which has been put together in partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Law Society of Scotland, and Ordnance Survey. The document is an accessible guide for reference when preparing deed plans for the purposes of registration. It has been designed to complement existing guidelines.

Deed Plan Criteria (DPC) provides guidance on how plans should be drawn up, and illustrates best practice to be adopted when preparing such documents, as well as highlighting common issues with deed plans submitted for registration.

Setting out the necessary information that must be provided at the time of registration, as well as detailing the description required for inclusion on the Land Register, the DPC will help to eliminate any potential problems with the items required by the Keeper to complete the registration process successfully. Any newly prepared plan that does not adhere to the guidelines in the DPC may not be accepted for registration purposes.

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The Deed Plan Criteria guidance is now available on our website at
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