Registers of Scotland page: RoS has been set reformulated service standards for 2013-14

Registers of Scotland recently published our Corporate Plan for 2013-16. Detailed within the document were our intended service standards for our customers, with regard to the turnaround times for our service delivery (see below for link). We are now in the position to provide service standards as we no longer have an arrear of first registration (FR) casework. (There are only some 700 FR applications which have been with us for more than six months; in the main these are particularly complex applications and we aim to complete them, where that is possible, by end September 2013.)

We believe that we have the expertise, resource, and capability to consistently adhere to our service standards. Nevertheless, for any applications that miss a service standard by any significant period of time we will be in contact with the submitting agent to explain this and provide a timeline for completion. We will report performance against our service standards through our website, and in future issues of the Journal.

ARTL update

As at 1 May 2013

  1. 70,508 applications have been made

  2. 696 solicitors’ firms are currently on the ARTL system

  3. 29 lenders are currently on the ARTL system

  4. 13 local authorities are using the system

ARTL can now process applications containing a transfer with a value of more than £1 million.

For up-to-date information and a full list of participating practices and companies, go to

Registers of Scotland is encouraging voluntary applications for registration of titles in the Land Register

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The Registers of Scotland Corporate Plan is available at
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