Applications to join the Society's new career mentoring scheme are open until 4 October

Last month (Journal, August 2013, 36) we asked solicitors to contact us if they are interested in taking part in a career mentoring pilot programme. This month, we are looking for people who are keen to be mentored.

We will accept applications from a variety of stages – from LLB students to solicitors working at partner level or equivalent.

There are many different ways you could benefit from being mentored: it may be you are moving from one area of practice into another, or moving into a new career altogether.

It may also be that you are moving from private practice to an in-house role and you looking for support and advice, or it could simply be that you are keen to develop your own knowledge of the legal profession and develop your network of contacts.

If you are an LLB/Diploma student/graduate, a trainee, a solicitor, or are currently out of work but looking return to work in the legal profession, and are keen to be involved in this programme, please email or visit to find out more and download an application form.

The closing date for applying to be a mentor is 16 September, and the closing date for applying to be mentored is 4 October.

Heather McKendrick, development officer, Education & Training, The Law Society of Scotland
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