The Inner House User Group has been established as an informal forum to exchange views on practices and procedures

The Inner House User Group (IHUG) was established in March 2013, under the chair of Lord Menzies, following the successful conclusion of the Inner House Reforms Implementation Group.

IHUG is “an informal forum, to exchange views, and flag problems that may arise in relation to practices and procedures of the Inner House”.

IHUG meets quarterly, and current membership is Lord Menzies, chair; Gordon Keyden, Simpson & Marwick; David McIntosh, Balfour & Manson; Alison Grant, DWF Biggart Baillie; James Mure QC; Jonathan Barne, advocate; Frances Beck, Scottish Government Legal Division; Joy Atterbury, Central Legal Office, NHS; Catriona Whyte, SLAB; Gillian Prentice, Deputy Principal Clerk of Session; Elaine Dickson, Inner House Clerk; Robert Jenkins, Inner House Clerk.

Secretariat is provided by Yvonne Anderson, depute in charge of the Offices of Court.

There has been discussion about the content of Practice Note 3 of 2011. It is noted that there is a high level of non-compliance and that improved awareness of the practice note is required. The group is currently taking steps to raise awareness, and refers in particular to comments made by the bench in recent opinions, Thomson v The Scottish Ministers [2013] CSIH 63 and Tortolano v Ogilvie Construction Ltd [2013] CSIH 10.

Should you wish to raise a matter with IHUG, you may do so in writing through the appropriate member or the secretary.  

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