The PIUG at the Court of Session, which now includes sheriff court representatives, encourages those working in the field to feed into its discussions

The Personal Injury User Group (PIUG) was established in 2003 by the then Lord President (Cullen) in response to recommendations contained in the Coulsfield report, to monitor the operation and effectiveness of the Personal Injuries Rules implemented in April of that year. The Group has continued in a similar vein since. Membership has latterly been expanded to include representatives from the sheriff court. The Group has prepared responses to consultations, and reviews statistics in relation to volumes, waiting times etc on an ongoing basis.

In ensuring the effective operation of the PI rules, the group takes a very practical view, discussing day-to-day issues arising in PI business. This enables solutions to be tabled and improvement action to be agreed. Recent topics of discussion have included Smith v Greater Glasgow NHS Board [2013] CSOH 178, the impact of the word “special” in RCS, rule 43.8 (applications for variation of timetable), and waiting times for long proofs.

PIUG meets at least once each term. Current membership is Lord Jones (chair); Sheriff K Mackie; Sheriff A Mackenzie; Andrew Henderson, Thompsons; Gordon Keyden, Simpson & Marwick; Fred Tyler, Balfour & Manson; Maria Maguire QC; Amber Galbraith, advocate; Hamish Goodall, Scottish Government Legal Service; Norma Shippin, Central Legal Office, NHS; Catriona Whyte, SLAB; Chris Nicholson, deputy legal secretary to the Lord President; and Gillian Prentice, Deputy Principal Clerk of Session.

Secretariat is provided by Yvonne Anderson, depute in charge of the Offices of Court.

PIUG members seek to represent those dealing with personal injury actions in the Court of Session and would like to raise awareness of the group, its work and membership to encourage others to feed into its discussions.

Should you wish to raise a matter with the PIUG, you may do so in writing through the appropriate member or the secretary.

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