Advice column: my colleague has treated me badly. Should I be part of his leaving do?

Dear Ash

One of my colleagues is leaving soon to take up another senior post and it is no secret that we have never seen eye to eye on most things. He has in fact been quite unjustly critical of me in the past and has had a tendency to talk badly about me to others. In any case, our boss has organised a whipround for this person and has proposed a leaving dinner and drinks too. However, I am loth to take part as I especially don’t want to come across as fake in front of others. However, another colleague, who is a good friend, seems to think that I should let bygones be bygones and show face by contributing to the collection and by attending the dinner.

Ash replies:

The intriguing and often complex world of office politics means that we sometimes have to act in a civil and professional manner towards those with whom we would not normally choose even to interact. Similar to the saying “we cannot choose our family”, we also cannot always choose who we work with, and like any uncomfortable, tension-brimmed, forced family gathering during festive time, we sometimes just have to bite our lips in order to get through the time with the minimum of tension and aggravation.

Therefore I suggest that you try to avoid any further hostilities and be the bigger person by contributing at least something (it doesn’t need to be a generous amount) to the collection and by at least attending part of the proposed leaving drinks to ensure you are seen as a good sport.

Your colleague is leaving and this should perhaps be a cause for celebration for you, as it may be the best gift that he could have given you!

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