The Society invites views on a new category for specialist accreditation, "regulation for professional conduct"

The Society has received an application to create a new category for specialist accreditation, “regulation of professional conduct”, and is keen to establish interest from potential applicants in order to help it decide whether to establish this category.

The new category would require applicants to demonstrate an understanding of the tests for professional misconduct, including the legal criteria for culpability where a departure from the relevant codes of practice or practice rules has been alleged, and to demonstrate significant experience in working in this area of the law.

It would be open to solicitors who work in investigation and prosecution of allegations of professional misconduct as well as solicitors who represent those accused of misconduct.

Solicitors can apply to be accredited if they can demonstrate significant experience in the relevant area of the law in the five years before their application, and have held an unrestricted practising certificate for at least seven years.

If you are interested in supporting the establishment of this particular accreditation category, and in particular would consider applying to be accredited, please contact the secretary to the accreditation panels, Elaine MacGlone at by Friday 31 March 2017. 
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