Review of Nothing so Practical as a Good Theory: Festschrift for George L Gretton (ed Steven)

Nothing so Practical as a Good Theory

Festschrift for George L Gretton

Edited by Andrew Steven

ISBN: 978-1904968870
PRICE: £40

One of the first things that may be done when reading this review is to look up the definition of “Festschrift”! In its simplest form it is “a collection of writings published in honour of a scholar”. In this case, the book marks Professor Gretton’s retirement in 2016 as Lord President Reid Professor of Law in the University of Edinburgh.

This collection of 27 essays in six parts, together with some reflections from George Gretton himself, is a masterly volume, the contents pages of which ably demonstrate the breadth and depth of the recipient’s contribution to and interest in Scottish legal jurisprudence. It is recommended that this collection of essays be accessed as and when required, as the writings all offer current and penetrating analysis of a range of topics. It will be of interest to his former students, his academic and professional colleagues and private lawyers everywhere.

If anyone was ever in any doubt as to the prodigious output of George Gretton, all that need be done is to read through the 15 pages of publications by him between 1980 and 2017. A man whom one would struggle to describe as ever being “vanilla flavour”.


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Professor Stewart Brymer, Brymer Legal Ltd
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