Ahead of this year’s Law Society of Scotland Law & Technology Conference, taking place online on 30 September, the Journal highlights the three highly topical interactive panel sessions featured in the programme
Technology procurement: how do you get the most out of your spend?

The IT industry is incredibly fast paced, and it can often be confusing when trying to source the right product for you and/or your team, particularly if you have no dedicated IT staff on site. Identifying your main business requirement before you begin to explore the market is key to making sure you don’t end up with an unnecessary purchase. As part of the Law and Technology conference, Sarah Blair, Director of IT at Thorntons will lead a panel discussion on how to get the right product for your requirements, detailing the type of questions you should be asking before speaking to vendors and providing tips on how to get the most from your technology spend.

Cybersecurity: incident prevention and response

If your device is connected to the internet, it is at risk of a cyberattack. If that statement comes as a shock, you should attend this session, led by industry experts David Fleming (Mitigo) and Declan Doyle (SBRC). Working remotely has changed the landscape of online security considerably, providing hackers with brand new opportunities to infiltrate your organisation. While you may have secured your systems 18 months ago, it might not be enough to keep you protected from the latest cyber threats. This session will provide important updates on how best to defend yourself from an attack, and the steps to take after an incident to minimise the damage.

The impact of remote learning on traineeships and internships

As most businesses continue with a remote working model for the foreseeable future, it’s clear that trainee solicitors and interns have been denied the in-office experience they were originally expecting. The argument could be made that having never worked in a “traditional” office environment beforehand, both will be adept at settling into this new way of working. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that many trainees are feeling let down by their experience, regardless of how diligently firms are striving to provide the correct level of training. At this year’s conference there will be a panel discussion exploring the impact that remote learning has had, and asking trainees directly what they feel benefitted them, and what they still need from their traineeship.

For details of the conference, including the full programme, visit www.lawscot.org.uk/lawtechconf

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