The Society prescribes learning outcomes for all trainees to achieve over the course of their two-year traineeship. These are referred to as the Professional Education and Training Stage 2 outcomes or PEAT 2 outcomes.

These PEAT 2 outcomes relate to:

  • professionalism;
  • professional communication;
  • professional ethics and standards; and
  • business, commercial, financial and practice awareness

Substantive and relevant legal knowledge underpins all of the outcomes and is therefore essentially also an outcome. However, the Society has not defined 'substantive and relevant legal knowledge' because this could vary massively depending on the nature of the training firm or the area of law that the trainee is working in.

Over the course of a two-year traineeship, you should be given work, tasks and activities which allow you to work towards, and achieve, the PEAT 2 outcomes. The end result being that you achieve the 'standard of the qualifying solicitor' - the exit standard for all trainees.

A trainee's achievement of the PEAT 2 outcomes should be recorded and reflected upon in the PEAT 2 record, discussed at each PEAT 2 quarterly performance review and aided by undertaking trainee continuing professional development (TCPD).

The PEAT 2 training plan

If you would like to know more about any of the above, please refer to the Society's PEAT 2 training plan, which provides further explanation.

If you have any questions in relation to any element of this, please email

Update your online record regularly

The PEAT 2 Record will allow trainees to monitor their progress during the traineeship and record achievements along the way. The content will form the basis of the quarterly performance reviews with their supervising solicitor.

PEAT 2 Quarterly Performance Review (PQPR)

The PQPR allows the trainee and supervising solicitor to review the trainee's progress in achieving the PEAT2 outcomes and will help identify any training needs, which can be addressed by undertaking TCPD.

Undertake TCPD

60 hours of trainee continuing professional development (TCPD) is required to ensure trainees meet the outcomes and reach the standard of a qualifying solicitor.