Considering taking on a trainee?

Our 'Taking on a trainee' document below, outlines the benefits and processes involved in taking on trainees. Areas such as cost, how to advertise for a trainee, what a trainee can do during the traineeship and shared part-time traineeships are covered. We have also provided an FAQ document, providing answers to the questions most frequently asked by those considering taking on a trainee.

Training a trainee

The information below relates to trainees who have started since 1 September 2011. If you have a query about a current trainee who commenced prior to that date, please contact the Education, Training and Qualifications Department at the Society to discuss this.

The traineeship is the two-year, work-based training which forms the final part of the route to qualification. During the course of these two years, there are certain things which your trainee must do, including:

If you would like to know more about any of the above elements of the traineeship, please refer to the Society's PEAT 2 training plan.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Education, Training and Qualifications Department at or 0131 476 7907.

Work towards the PEAT 2 outcomes

During the 2 year traineeship, trainees will be given activities that will allow them to work towards the PEAT2 outcomes.