Students asked to create a blog or vlog for 16 and 17 year olds

The Law Society of Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Parliament, has rebranded and launched this year’s student competition for third year, fourth year and accelerated LLB students along with those on the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.

Legal jargon can often make aspects of the law that have a large impact on the public difficult to understand, and the Society is challenging students to change that. Students are asked to create either a blog or vlog (video blog) that will communicate an aspect of the rule of law to 16 and 17-year-old new voters in a way they can easily engage with. In addition to conveying a clear, simple message, contestants will be judged on their creativity and proven knowledge of their chosen subject area.

The prize is a three-week paid work experience placement at the Scottish Parliament, taking place in June 2017, and £500 in cash. The deadline for submissions is 26 February 2017.

For further information, and a video, go to 

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