The SPA can help if you struggle for CPD

A minimum of 10 hours’ CPD must be must be completed each year, five hours of which must be verifiable. By verifiable, the Society means that the CPD activity should meet the following criteria:

  • have educational aims and objectives relevant to your domain;
  • have clearly anticipated outcomes (e.g. what do you expect to learn from attending the course);
  • be verifiable (able to be evidenced).

A maximum of five hours of private study can be claimed by accredited paralegals towards their minimum 10 hours’ CPD.

Attendance at our annual conference on 19 April 2018 counts towards five hours’ CPD. This is a fantastic event where delegates break into dedicated groups specific to the area of law that they work in, so that it is relevant to each individual.

We also intend to hold evening CPD sessions at various points throughout the year at different locations. If you would be interested in attending such an event, please let me know. It would be helpful to know what area of law you work in so that the session can be tailored to suit those attending.

If you have in-house training with your employer, that can count towards your CPD too and you should be adding it to your record card. The same goes for reading through the Law Society of Scotland’s Journal.

If you are unsure whether something that you have done or are going to do counts towards CPD, please let us have details and we can advise.

If you are struggling with your CPD let me know, as the Association can help.

Annual conference tickets on sale

The tickets for our annual conference, to be held on 19 April 2018 in Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, are now on sale. Please get yours now and book your place as they sell out quickly. Please watch our website for details of the various speakers.

The Author
Sandra Reid is a member of the Scottish Paralegal Association committee, and works as a paralegal for Lindsays, in their Commercial Property department in Glasgow. 
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