Registers of Scotland page: ScotLIS is about to supersede the Registers Direct service

ScotLIS, Scotland’s Land Information Service, launched in October 2017 and has been met with positive feedback, including from professionals across the legal and conveyancing sectors. ScotLIS delivers unprecedented access for business users to the land and property information that’s vital to their daily work.

We’ve been continuing to develop ScotLIS with our users since before its launch, providing a service and user experience that greatly exceeds that of our earlier services.

With that in mind, along with our commitment and ambition to provide our customers with products and services tailored to meet their needs, we’ve announced that from 9pm on Friday 30 November, our legacy service Registers Direct (RD) will no longer be available. 

Why are we making this change?

Registers Direct has been in service for many years, and has been used by solicitors, conveyancers and others to access land and property information. However, following extensive user research, we understood that there were areas in which RD did not effectively meet the needs of our users, as well as an opportunity for improved transparency of our data. 

ScotLIS has been developed with this idea at its heart. We’ve worked with users to understand how they interact with RoS and RoS data, and what features we can provide to make their working lives easier. Whether it’s searching the Land Register for title extents, viewing historic property records on the Sasine Register, searching the Register of Inhibitions or more, ScotLIS is the service of choice. Furthermore, we’re continuing to build additional features based on user need.

Why use ScotLIS?

As thousands of users can already attest, ScotLIS delivers an enhanced user experience that makes finding the information you need quicker, easier and more streamlined when compared with earlier services like RD. On ScotLIS, users can search the Land Register, the Register of Sasines and the Register of Inhibitions. Our remaining Chancery and Judicial Registers (CAJR), sometimes known as the Books of Council & Session, will be available by November.

ScotLIS centralises RoS land and property data in a single service that contains a host of innovative features. Chief among these is an intuitive, searchable, interactive map with data layers (such as information from the Land Register, Crofting Register and more) that can be toggled on and off, to show contextual details for each and every property in Scotland. 

There’s also the ability to move seamlessly between Land Register and Sasine Register records for a given search enquiry. You can also download or email complete title information at the click of a button.

Users have already been experiencing these benefits of ScotLIS for months, and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. You can learn about first-hand user experiences of ScotLIS on our blog ( Search for “ScotLIS” and you can find blogs from users representing leading firms including Harper Macleod LLP, Turcan Connell, Bell Ingram LLP, Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP, and others. 

Find out more

We firmly believe that ScotLIS provides an effective, user-friendly experience, and allows you to search the Land Register, Sasine Register and others better than ever before.

You can access ScotLIS by visiting and sign in with your existing online services username and password. From there, ScotLIS is designed to provide an intuitive user journey, so for new users we’d encourage you to log in and get started with ScotLIS to search our registers. 

We’ll be providing additional opportunities to obtain first-hand knowledge of ScotLIS, including a series of webinars in the coming months. Keep an eye on our social channels and our website to find out more.

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