In association with Just Law Quotes: how can you reach out to potential clients online while making the contact personal and without spending thousands? Just Law Quotes has a solution

So what’s Just Law Quotes all about?

Well, we’re all aware that the legal profession has undergone huge change in the new digital age and that our clients' expectations have significantly changed. Throughout the profession, many small to medium high street law firms are feeling the pinch, what with hyper-regulation and unrealistic client expectations, with people trying to find quick answers to legal queries and turning online. It is also well publicised that the new high street is turning to online marketing and that having a website alone may not be enough. 

We believe legal firms need to engage fully with potential clients online. Unfortunately, reaching a new generation of clients is becoming more difficult and more expensive. For many, joining an online platform opens them up to challenging costs, vexatious reviewing and a feeling of not being in control. 

So, with the help of some creative lawyers, we created Just Law Quotes. Our founding principle is that lawyers themselves can be in control of any reviewing, service and client communication, and yes, it’s a uniquely Scottish legal portal.

We know there are great legal firms that offer a fantastic service but struggle to reach their full potential clientele in the ever changing demographic and upcoming new generation. If only they could reach out to lots of customers who are turning online to seek a solicitor for a chance to explain what they offer. 

But surely clients only go online to look for a cheap deal?

We have many firms working with us who would disagree. It's a very simple philosophy: just promote a professional service first and foremost. We know that if given the option and the chance to discuss, the majority of clients tend to choose on service. It would appear that clients will choose on price if they cannot define the service or the quality of the legal advice they are seeking. If we only use price to differentiate what we offer and ignore service, of course clients will only base their decisions on price.

I’m confused: how do you get clients to speak with lawyers if you're an online platform?

OK, for the majority of clients they go online seeking legal advice, not a cheap fee. We make it easy for them! Clients need fast answers and to know that things are in hand. To achieve this we ask the clients to answer a few questions so we can then connect them with lawyers who can help. We only provide firm details once clients have provided a name, verified email, phone number and agreed to allow the firms to contact them. In this way firms can then contact the potential clients themselves and discuss with them how they can help. People deal with people. Lawyers all know that if they can just speak with the clients at the exact point when they need help, it's the quality of service and advice that clinches the deal, not the price.

You said going online was expensive, so how do you keep the costs down?

It became apparent that pooling the IT and advertising costs would save thousands of pounds. To do this we needed some IT collaboration, yet each firm needed to retain total control of the clients, brand, professional message and prices. By working together we enable firms to avoid having to pay huge online advertising bills and monthly costs to web and SEO companies.

How much does it cost?

It’s about the service, not the price… OK, joking aside, first and foremost it's about adding value. We have to ensure that each firm can point to the platform and say we made a difference. 

All new firms would start with a trial. We just need the usual contact details and firm logo. We can even help firms set up their brand message. Once they’re up and running, we will email the clients' details and messages to the firms who fit the client requests. It's all free, so it gives new firms a real feel for what is possible.

When firms are ready to join us, we can offer packages from only a few pounds a month. We can provide just local leads in a specific legal area or we can promote all the firm's legal services across the whole of Scotland. Each firm can decide where they want to reach new clients and which areas of law they want to cover. It's about adding value to our partner firms and working together to allow firms to be more in control online. Firms can tailor and target clients or open up new markets.  

Can I go back and ask how did it all start?

It started about three years ago as a “what if” plan. Funnily enough, it became apparent that everyone faced the same issues. How can we reach an ever growing online market but protect brands from vexatious online reviews, declining prices and the real costs of direct marketing? The biggest issue is that law firms have unique hurdles while staying within the strict rules regarding confidentiality and advertising, so the simple solution is to get lawyers involved from the start. 

For more information about Just Law Quotes you can find us at or contact Gemma McBride on 07399 414 228,


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