Data protection offences: latest cases from ICO

Action against individuals – and HMRC – for improper use

When failure to provide statement of particulars claimable

Claim disallowed as breach cured ahead of proceedings

“Workers” now entitled to itemised pay statements

Guide published to rights from 6 April 2019

Platinum blog series

Deborah Dillon is Lead Auditor, Business & Platform Solution for Atos UK&I. She specialises in Information Governance, including the application and implementation of Data Protection processes and procedures across a wide range of organisational areas. Deborah is a member of our Privacy Committee.

Sheriff addresses "confusion" over sanction for counsel

Obtaining sanction for particular work “misconceived”

Two English decisions exclude vicarious liability

Party dancing and religious promotion unconnected with employers

Volenti case must be raised in pleadings, Appeal Court rules

Breach of duty of care necessary for it to apply

No presumption of fault where following driver collides

Driver in front found at fault for unexpected stop

Res ipsa loquitur not a fallback where case not proved

Defender alone had to be aware of cause of accident

Platinum blog series

In the latest in our series of platinum anniversary blogs, Scottish solicitor at the Crofting Commission and Rural Affairs Sub-committee member, David Findlay looks at the introduction of a new phase of crofting law and a new Crofting Commission.

Letter: the root of our stress

The underlying reasons for stress in the profession, and the need to tackle them

Make wellbeing a thing

Staff wellbeing in legal firms has to become a matter of culture, with supporting mechanisms in place